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Applying Chemicals

There are many tasks around your home or business that you can do yourself.
When it comes to handling and applying chemicals, (even those that are
available off the shelves) there is risk involved.

Attempting pest control yourself can often times make the situation
worse and may even do more harm than the pest itself.

You and I share our environment with
a variety of pests and wildlife, which when left
uncontrolled can lead to:

Disease, Injury
Food Contamination
Property Damage

Don't take chances!
Ensure your safety, comfort, and peace of mind.

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Handling Wildlife

There are strict laws surrounding the trapping of wildlife. Though animal traps
are available in many hardware stores, it is strongly recommended that you do
not attempt to trap animals yourself.

It takes an educated and experienced trapper to know the laws and how
to safely handle wildlife. All wildlife should be dealt with in a humane and
ethical manner.
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Another Rescue

This handsome owl was trapped
in a chimney for days. With some
careful maneuvering and gentle
coaxing I was able to rescue him.
He sure was happy to see me!

A good example of the need for a
chimney cap and a wildlife

Walker Wildlife & Pest Control is dedicated to the
protection of your health, welfare, and property.

Whether in your home or business our goal is to
resolve your issues with nature, while safeguarding
our environment.

We are committed to treating all wildlife ethically and
Mission Statement

Bed bugs have made a reappearance in the US
in recent years. They are turning up in homes,
hotels, schools, shelters, health care facilities,
furniture rental outlets and the list goes on.

Bed bugs usually bite people while they are
sleeping. In some people bites appear as itchy
red welts, however, in others there may be little or
no reaction at all. Bites may also be mistaken for
other insect bites. For these reasons bed bugs
can go unnoticed for longer periods of time.
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